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Our Approach As IT Solutions Company

Our Approach - As IT Solutions Company

Our approach is to work with you as your IT partners, which mean that we are not just offering you services we are also working towards giving complete IT solutions and services based on your business need.

Here are the key points that make us different from other IT Service providers:

  • Diverse Management
  • Specialized Domain Expertise
  • 24/7 Support System
  • One Stop Solutions
  • Consultative Approach
  • 1. Diverse Management:

    Response IT Solutions is managed by a team of very experienced individuals bringing expertise from different segments of Information Technology spectrum.

  • As a team, we are highly experienced in defining an organized workflow and developing process oriented service modules.
  • Our individual core competencies span computer hardware, core networking, core systems and both Closed as well as Open Source based development.
  • Every member of the management team is a seasoned Information Technology veteran.
  • This diverse management can lead the entire operations and functionality to provide the Best IT infrastructure solutions and that is the Key to the success of Response IT Solutions.
  • 2. Specialized Domain Expertise:

    Response IT Solutions is a Solution Driven Enterprise. In order to achieve its mission to provide highly customized solutions to customers, the company has employed resources that are Specialized Domain Experts in their own fields.

  • Specialized Solutions Architects for each segment creates a formidable Knowledge base to provide the highest quality of consultancy and Architecture Designing capability.
  • This modular specialization expertise of the employees helps us to derive the best possible solutions for its customers by offering services of the highest competency and the greatest value of expectations.
  • This Specialized Domain Expertise in all Segments makes it another vital KEY to the success of Response IT Solutions.
  • 3. 24/7 Support System:

    Irrespective of business sector or model, Information Technology today, is a global business “need”. Response IT Solutions offer a 24/7 Support System with Service Level Agreements (SLA), making business continuity an easy process for companies. No support system would be effective if the response time is long.

  • To achieve the corporate objectives of meeting with growing global demand in the shortest possible time, localization and optimal resource utilization has become a key to corporate survival. This aspect of global business is making companies work almost 24/7.
  • Consequently, the systems, networks & applications whether locally hosted or web based, need to run almost 24/7, 365 days in a year, year after year.
  • In this environment of perpetual motion and business activity, Information Technology has progressed to such an extent that systems are mostly automated to keep Information Technology functioning 24/7.
  • In-spite of such robust technology, "Support" which itself is very critical, has become an impaired function.
  • We resolves issues in the shortest possible time to sustain business continuity in a 24/7 operational environment. This calls for almost immediate response, practically in real time. This is what Response IT Solutions has made as a KEY factor when we speak of 24/7 support.
  • We have adopted a proactive approach in dealing with problems and issues, which might arise and avoid or minimize system “down time”.
  • All the three aspects - 24/7 Support; Responsiveness and Proactive approach to IT Desk operations combined, makes our support desk a powerful system and thus another KEY to the continued success of the company.
  • Our proactive State of the Art Help Desk support services provide you with the IT support you need to help you focus on your core business objectives and give your staff a professional IT support experience.
  • 4. One Stop Solutions: End-to-End IT

    Response IT Solutions, having Specialized Domain Experts for each segment of Information Technology as a key factor with a 24/7, Responsive and Proactive Support system give customers everything under one roof, a Perfect set of End to End IT Services.

  • Specialized domain expertise in each segment of IT Infrastructure Development Life Cycle, has given us the capability of being a “one-stop” end to end solutions enterprise, able to cater to each and every requirement of the customer seamlessly.
  • Different IT segments & services need to work together as a cohesive whole while providing the customer with a complete solution.
  • This X-Factor gives customers leverage to focus on their core business and is a KEY to success.
  • 5. Consultative Approach:

    Being a Solution driven company, Response IT Solutions experts take a Consultative Approach in working with customers.

  • We suggest customer’s only the best in the market without creating any monopoly while offering an End-to-End IT services. Our consultative approach offers solutions addressing all the customer’s need and requirement within their budget.
  • We do not look for a business opportunity in every requirement of a customer. Instead, we first walk the extra mile to deliver the best solution to the customer as per his needs & then look for a business opportunity.
  • This saves a lot of in-house resource and planning time, which could be utilized for the core business. With Specialized Domain Experts, we work faster and help customers to best utilize their time and resources and manage them in more efficiently.