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Software Deployments

Software Deployments

Software deployment is critical to IT , and much software does experience problems if not implemented correctly. 50% of the times, software’s are not delivered with the expected functionality, or they are out of the budget.

We make sure that a proper planning, implementation, testing, documentation, deployment and maintenance of the software’s are done so that you can use all the functionality.

While setting up software requirements, we pay special emphasis towards your business requirements and design it accordingly. We recognize the need of your business and use the software that will help in reducing the risk associated with it. We also document the internal design, as that helps in enhancing software performance and future maintenance.

We are specialists in Microsoft’s deployments, Linux deployments and Customized deployments, which are based on customer specific requirements.

Microsoft Deployments

There are many Microsoft products that different business use to manage their business data makes presentation, files, documents, and more. Some of the programs widely used by businesses are Microsoft silver light, Microsoft office, PowerPoint, SharePoint workspace, outlook web access, Microsoft lync, Microsoft entourage, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft dynamics, SQL server, virtual server, power shell, security essentials, etc.

We are experts in deploying different Microsoft’s server software, operating systems, system administration, video games, etc. Our experts have complete knowledge of Microsoft deployments and can deploy software according to the business needs and requirement.

Linux Deployments

Clients have high expectations from Linux deployments. It is therefore, important for us to have the base covered before pushing the button on Linux deployment. We set up your Linux, based on your requirement and deploy using software’s and tools to reduce the probability of failures and downtime.

There are many online guides explaining the process of Linux deployment, which is best undertaken by experts as a novice might not understand the process or follow it accurately. Testing the software before you start using it and understanding its basic to reap maximum benefits is also important.

While deploying Linux we make sure that the Linux systems are the best grade on your network, and you have all the required software’s installed. In case you are leaving few users on windows then it is important that we ensure that they have access to windows VM.

Customized Deployments or Customer Specific Requirements

Every business has different needs, which vary based on their infrastructure, clients and number of employees. We at Response IT Solutions understand the needs of our clients before designing and deploying the software based on the requirements. Whether you need Microsoft’s deployment for certain computers/server and Linux for others or a mix of both or MS-DOS and other OS and software, we can do it all for you.

Apart from creating the software solutions according to your business needs, we also make sure that the expected outcome is attained. Our package offers after deployment support, so that we can provide solutions to any kind of technical or software help, you require in case there is any concern or issue.

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